10+2 Law and Legal Definition

10+2 is a rule announced by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection for ensuring security. The rule was announced by the department in 2008. The rule requires cargo vessels to detail the information regarding cargo shipment. The rule requires an importer to provide 10 data elements and a carrier to disclose 2 data elements about cargo. TEST

The following are the data’s that an importer has to disclose:

1. Manufacturer (or supplier) name and address;

2. Seller (or owner) name and address;

3. Buyer (or owner) name and address;

4. Ship-to name and address;

5. Container stuffing location;

6. Consolidator (stuffer) name and address;

7. Importer of record number/foreign trade zone applicant identification number;

8. Consignee number;

9. Country of origin; and

10. Commodity Harmonized Tariff Schedule number.

The carrier has to disclose the following data:

1. Vessel stow plan; and

2. Container status messages.

The rule 10+2 is also known as the Importer Security Filing.