ABA-Approved Law Schools Law and Legal Definition

Law Schools that have received accreditation from the American Bar Association [ABA] are known as ABA approved law schools. Only institutions fulfilling the accreditation requirements set out by the ABA are eligible for ABA accreditation. Accreditation by the ABA is regarded as ensuring a quality legal education for students. The term, ABA non-approved law schools, refers to particular schools that have not received accreditation from the ABA.

The ABA consists of a panel of experienced lawyers. The ABA sets standards for law schools in the U.S. In order to obtain ABA approval, the institution must submit their request for approval in the form of a written application. On an receiving application, the ABA conducts a review of the institution to find out whether the applying institution meets the standards prescribed by the association. The standards include factors like: location, school’s curriculum, faculty, and infrastructure. Additionally, a solid infrastructure would include: a library, dormitory, cafeteria, and classrooms.