Abuses of Governmental Power Identified Under “Watergate” Law and Legal Definition

According to 36 CFR 1275.16 (Title 36, Parks, Forests, and Public Property: chapter XII, National Archives and Records Administration; Subchapter F, Nixon Presidential Materials; Part 1275; Preservation and Protection of and Access to the Presidential Historical Materials of the Nixon Administration; Subpart A; General Provisions), the term abuses of governmental power popularly identified under the generic term "Watergate" (also referred to as abuses of governmental power), shall mean “those alleged acts, whether or not corroborated by judicial, administrative or legislative proceedings, which allegedly were conducted, directed or approved by Richard M. Nixon, his staff or persons associated with him in his constitutional or statutory functions as President, or as political activities directly relating to or having a direct effect upon those functions, and which --

(1) Were within the purview of the charters of the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities or the Watergate Special Prosecution Force; or

(2) Are circumscribed in the Articles of Impeachment adopted by the House Committee on the Judiciary and reported to the House of Representatives for consideration in House Report No. 93-1305.”