Acceptance [Agricultural Marketing Service] Law and Legal Definition

According to 7 CFR 46.2 [Title 7 Agriculture; Subtitle B; Regulations Of The Department Of Agriculture; Chapter I, Agricultural Marketing Service H1 (Standards, Inspections, Marketing Practices), Department Of Agriculture; Subchapter B - Marketing Of Perishable Agricultural Commodities, Part 46 -Regulations (Other Than Rules Of Practice) Under The Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, 1930; Definitions]

“Acceptance means:

(1) Any act by the consignee signifying acceptance of the shipment, including diversion or unloading;

(2) Any act by the consignee which is inconsistent with the consignor's ownership, but if such act is wrongful against the consignor it is acceptance only if ratified by him; or

(3) Failure of the consignee to give notice of rejection to the consignor within a reasonable time as defined in paragraph (cc) of this section: Provided, That acceptance shall not affect any claim for damages because of failure of the produce to meet the terms of the contract.