Accrued Benefit Law and Legal Definition

According to 29 USCS § 1002 (Title 29; Chapter 18; Employee Retirement Income Security Program; Protection of Employee Benefit Rights; General Provisions), the term "accrued benefit" means--

(A) in the case of a defined benefit plan, the individual's accrued benefit determined under the plan and, except as provided in section 204(c)(3) [29 USCS § 1054(c)(3)], expressed in the form of an annual benefit commencing at normal retirement age, or

(B) in the case of a plan which is an individual account plan, the balance of the individual's account.

The accrued benefit of an employee shall not be less than the amount determined under section 204(c)(2)(B) [29 USCS § 1054(c)(2)(B)] with respect to the employee's accumulated contribution.”