Active Learning Law and Legal Definition

Active learning is a process by which learners are actively engaged in the learning process. Learners are not passively absorbing lectures in active learning. Active learning involves substantive changes in the ways students and teachers work together. Focus of classroom instruction is shifted from teaching to learning. Students are engaged in learning activities such as gathering data, defining issues, stating problems, generating and testing hypotheses, drawing conclusions, and reporting and defending their work. The aim is to create independent learners. Students who actively engage with the material are more likely to recall information.

The purposes of active learning are:

encourages students to learn to learn;

provide students opportunities to think critically;

help students to analyze and solve problems;

assist students in developing skills in gathering and evaluating information;

provide experience working cooperatively in teams and small groups;

help students acquire versatile and effective communication skills;

offer a variety of learning experiences; and

apply technology effectively where it will enhance learning.