Adequately Wet Law and Legal Definition

‘Adequately Wet’ is an environment law term that is used to refer to asbestos containing material that is sufficiently mixed or penetrated with liquid to prevent the release of particulates. The phrase is often seen used while referring to the handling of asbestos containing work, such as the demolition of older houses containing carcinogenic asbestos tiles or roof materials. Because there is no minimum threshold for a safe level of outdoor asbestos particle concentration, it should be handled by making it wet in order to prevent the escape of particles.

The following is an example of a federal regulation defining the term:

According to 40 CFR 61.141, ‘adequately wet’ means sufficiently mix or penetrate with liquid to prevent the release of particulates. If visible emissions are observed coming from asbestos-containing material, then that material has not been adequately wetted. However, the absence of visible emissions is not sufficient evidence of being adequately wet.