Administrative Cost of Issuing a Loan Guarantee Law and Legal Definition

According to 10 CFR 609.2 [Title 10 Energy; Chapter II Department of Energy; Subchapter H Assistance Regulations; Part 609 Loan Guarantees for Projects that Employ Innovative Technologies], the term Administrative Cost of Issuing a Loan Guarantee means “the total of all administrative expenses that DOE incurs during:

(1) The evaluation of a Pre-Application, if a Pre-Application is requested in a solicitation, and an Application for a loan guarantee;

(2) The offering of a Term Sheet, executing the Conditional Commitment, negotiation, and closing of a Loan Guarantee Agreement; and

(3) The servicing and monitoring of a Loan Guarantee Agreement, including during the construction, startup, commissioning, shakedown, and operational phases of an Eligible Project.”