Admission Pro Hac Vice Law and Legal Definition

Admission Pro Hac Vice means temporary admission of an out-of-state lawyer to practice before a court in a specific case or a set of cases. The term derives from the Latin term ‘Pro hac vice’, meaning ‘for one particular occasion.’ Attorney Pro Hac Vice refers to an out-of-state lawyer who does not have a license in the state in which the case is being tried. But s/he has been granted permission by the court to participate in the case for a particular occasion. Ordinarily, an attorney must be licensed to practice in the jurisdiction in which s/he is representing a client. To secure an admission pro hac vice, the out-of-state attorney must engage another attorney who is licensed in the state to file a motion to appear pro hac vice. If the out-of-state attorney does not follow the proper procedures, s/he will be practicing law without a license, and s/he may be disbarred.