Adopt Due Date [Hearing] Law and Legal Definition

An adopt due date refers to the legally mandated date by which a decision is due to be adopted as well as released. A decision should be adopted and released, a Director’s alternate decision should be released, or a further hearing should be ordered on or before the adopt due date. Court ordered penalties shall be imposed if none of these actions occur on or before the adopt due date.

The adopt due date for heard cases shall be 60 calendar days or 90 days after the earliest filing date or the final adjusted filing date, depending upon the issues involved. Where time restrictions are waived by the claimant, the 60 or 90 days period is extended by the number of days waived. If the 60th or 90th day, plus waived days, is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the adopt due date becomes the next business day. An adopt due date is not same as the adopt date, but these dates can be same or different.