Adoption Society Law and Legal Definition

Adoption society refers to a group of people organized to make arrangements for the adoption of children. Usually, they are authorized societies approved by the Secretary of State.

The following is an example of a case law on adoption society;

A mother is not entitled to a writ of habeas corpus to ascertain who has her child nearly three years after she voluntarily surrendered the child to an adoption society. When the mother delivered her child to an adoption society and executed a written consent or release by which she voluntarily and unconditionally, and not acting under any coercion, surrendered the child, expressly giving and granting respondent full power in its discretion to place said child in adoption, and consented to such adoption without further notice, and also agreed not to interfere with the custody or management of said child in any way, has no right to seek a writ. [People ex rel. Swasing v. Rebecca Talbot Perkins Adoption Soc., 163 Misc. 719 (N.Y. Misc. 1937)].