Adult Member of the Household Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 8 CFR 204.301 [Title 8 -- Aliens and Nationality Chapter I -- Department of Homeland Security (Immigration and Naturalization); Subchapter B -- Immigration Regulations], adult member of the household means any individual other than the applicant, who has the same principal residence as the applicant and who had reached his or her 18th birthday on or before the date a Form I-800A is filed; or any person who has not yet reached his or her 18th birthday before the date a Form I-800A is filed, or who does not actually live at the same residence, but whose presence in the residence is relevant to the issue of suitability to adopt, if the officer adjudicating the Form I-800A concludes, based on the facts of the case, that it is necessary to obtain an evaluation of how that person's presence in the home affects the determination whether the applicant is suitable as the adoptive parent(s) of a Convention adoptee.