Adult Parol Authority (APA) Law and Legal Definition

Adult Parole Authority (APA) supervises the reentry of offenders under probation or parole. The Adult Parole Authority works in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, county prosecutors, courts, and social service/mental agencies.

Types of supervision provided by APA in Ohio are:

  • Probationer: A convicted offender whose sentence to an institution is suspended by the court and who is under supervision in the community for a maximum of five years.
  • Parolee: An offender who has served a term of incarceration as a felon and has been released to the community under parole supervision.
  • Post Release Control: A period of community supervision served by offenders after their release from prison.
  • Transitional Control: Conditional release and electronically monitored early release program with a single option for inmates who are at the end of their prison term.
  • Community Control: A sanction that is not a prison term.
  • Compact: Offenders who are under parole or probation supervision in Ohio as transfer cases from other states.
  • Judicial Release: The offender must be serving a sentence of 5 years or less to be eligible for this type of release.
  • Intervention in Lieu of Conviction: A period of supervision, as if the offender was subject to a community control sanction.