Advanced Shipbuilding Technology Law and Legal Definition

Ship building technology involves business-process technologies, system technologies, shipyard production-process technologies, and technologies for new materials and products. Advanced Shipbuilding Technology is used to make state-of –the art vessels and includes numerically controlled machine tools, robots, automated process control equipment, computerized flexible manufacturing systems, associated computer software, and other technology for improving shipbuilding and related industrial production. Advance technology incorporates novel techniques and processes designed to improve shipbuilding quality, productivity, and practice. The technology is environmentally sensitive so as to promote sustainable development through quality assurance, continuous process production technology, energy efficiency, waste minimization and design for recyclability or parts reuse. Advanced ship building technology also uses inventory management, upgraded worker skills, and concurrent engineering along with other elements contributing to a shipyard's efficiency or productivity assisting it to more effectively operates in the shipbuilding industry. [46 CFR 298.2]