Advowson in Gross Law and Legal Definition

Advowson in gross means an advowson that belongs to a person rather than a manor. All advowsons that have been separated from their original manors are advowsons in gross. For example, if a lord of a manor grants one acre of the manor and grants advowson which was before appended to the manor, in the same deed, but in different clause, it is advowson in gross.

In Bowman v. Wathen, 1841 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 20 (D. Ind. 1841), the court observed that “An advowson appendant may become in gross, by various means. 1. If the manor, to which it is appendant, is conveyed away in fee simple, excepting the advowson. 2. If the advowson is conveyed away without the manor, to which it is appendant. 3. If the proprietor of an advowson appendant, presents to it as an advowson in gross.”