Affidavit of Copyright Claimant Law and Legal Definition

Affidavit of copyright claimant is an affidavit, required upon deposit of copies of book with the Register of Copyrights. It should state that the copies were made from type set, or from plates made from type set, within the limits of the U.S.

If the text was produced by lithographic or photo-engraving process, the affidavit must state that the process was wholly performed within the U.S. and that the printing and binding have also been performed within the U.S.

The affidavit must also state the place where the type was set or the plates were made or the other processes performed, the place of printing and binding, the date of completion of the printing or the date of publication.

The affidavit may be made by the copyright claimant or his/her duly authorized agent or representative residing in the U.S., or the printer who printed the books deposited.