Affinity Law and Legal Definition

Affinity means

  • A close agreement
  • A natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship
  • Relationship by marriage. It can be relation that one spouse has to the blood relatives of the other spouse. It can also be any familial relation resulting from a marriage. For example, a husband is related by affinity to his wife's brother, but not to the wife of his wife's brother.

Example of a State Statute ( Texas) on Affinity.

Tex. Gov't Code § 573.024 . Determination of Affinity

(a) Two individuals are related to each other by affinity if:

(1) they are married to each other; or

(2) the spouse of one of the individuals is related by consanguinity to the other individual.

(b) The ending of a marriage by divorce or the death of a spouse ends relationships by affinity created by that marriage unless a child of that marriage is living, in which case the marriage is considered to continue as long as a child of that marriage lives.

(c) Subsection (b) applies to a member of the board of trustees of or an officer of a school district only until the youngest child of the marriage reaches the age of 21 years.