African Development Foundation Law and Legal Definition

African Development Foundation (“Foundation”) is the U.S. government agency that provides for the development of individuals and institutions in African countries which can benefit by the provision of support for community-based self-help activities. It is established pursuant to 22 USCS § 290h-1. The Foundation also provides grants of up to $250,000 in grants to community groups and small enterprises that benefit under served and marginalized groups in Africa.

The following are the purposes of the Foundation: strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding between the people of Africa and the U.S.;

2. to support self-help activities at the local level designed to enlarge opportunities for community development;

3. to stimulate and assist effective and expanding participation of Africans in their development process; and

4. to encourage the establishment and growth of development institutions which are indigenous to particular countries in Africa and which can respond to the requirements of the poor in those countries;

In addition, the Foundation may make grants, loans, and loan guarantees to any African private or public group association, or other entity engaged in peaceful activities for:

1.Fostering of local development institutions and the support of development efforts initiated by communities themselves;

2.Developing self-evaluation techniques by participants for the purpose of transferring experience gained in such projects to similar development activities;

3.Transfering development resources, expertise, and knowledge within Africa.