Agricultural Land Law and Legal Definition

According to 7 CFR 781.2 [Title 7—Agriculture; Subtitle B -- Regulations of the Department of Agriculture; Chapter VII -- Farm Service Agency, Department of Agriculture; Subchapter D -- Special Programs; Part 781 -- Disclosure of Foreign Investment in Agricultural Land], agricultural land means “land in the United States used for forestry production and land in the United States currently used for, or, if currently idle, land last used within the past five years, for farming, ranching, or timber production, except land not exceeding ten acres in the aggregate, if the annual gross receipts from the sale of the farm, ranch, or timber products produced thereon do not exceed $ 1,000. Farming, ranching, or timber production includes, but is not limited to, activities set forth in the Standard Industrial Classification Manual (1987), Division A, exclusive of industry numbers 0711-0783, 0851, and 0912-0919 which cover animal trapping, game management, hunting carried on as a business enterprise, trapping carried on as a business enterprise, and wildlife management. Land used for forestry production means, land exceeding 10 acres in which 10 percent is stocked by trees of any size, including land that formerly had such tree cover and that will be naturally or artificially regenerated.”