Agricultural Resource Management Plan Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to 25 USCS § 3703 (4) [Title 25. Indians; Chapter 39. American Indian Agricultural Resource Management], the term agricultural resource management plan" means a plan developed under section 101(b) [25 USCS § 3711(b)].

According to 25 USCS § 3711(b) Indian agricultural resource management planning program means:

“(1) To meet the management objectives of this section, a 10-year Indian agriculture resource management and monitoring plan shall be developed and implemented as follows:

(A) Pursuant to a self-determination contract or self-governance compact, an Indian tribe may develop or implement an Indian agriculture resource plan. Subject to the provisions of subparagraph (C), the tribe shall have broad discretion in designing and carrying out the planning process.

(B) If a tribe chooses not to contract the development or implementation of the plan, the Secretary shall develop or implement, as appropriate, the plan in close consultation with the affected tribe.

(C) Whether developed directly by the tribe or by the Secretary, the plan shall--

(i) determine available agriculture resources;

(ii) identify specific tribal agricultural resource goals and objectives;

(iii) establish management objectives for the resources;

(iv) define critical values of the Indian tribe and its members and provide identified holistic management objectives;

(v) identify actions to be taken to reach established objectives;

(vi) be developed through public meetings;

(vii) use the public meeting records, existing survey documents, reports, and other research from Federal agencies, tribal community colleges, and land grant universities; and

(viii) be completed within three years of the initiation of activity to establish the plan.

(2) Indian agriculture resource management plans developed and approved under this section shall govern the management and administration of Indian agricultural resources and Indian agricultural lands by the Bureau and the Indian tribal government.”