Aid Pending Law and Legal Definition

Aid pending is a suspension of an agency’s proposed action until a hearing and/or a decision. The assigned judge, at a hearing for a claimant(s) receiving aid pending, determines whether to stop or continue the aid pending of a claimant from the hearing date to the date the decision is released.

A judge’s aid pending decision is issued on a DPA 284 and is generally issued after a hearing. Usually, aid pending is authorized when:

1. a hearing request is filed prior to the effective date of the proposed action;

2. a hearing request is filed within ten days of an adequate but untimely notice when timely notice was not required;

3. a hearing request is filed before the next date on which the proposed action could become effective if timely notice had been provided; and

4. the agency provided an inadequate or no notice of the proposed action when adequate notice was required.