Aircraft Operations [Aeronautics and Space] Law and Legal Definition

According to 14 CFR 170.3 [Title 14 Aeronautics and Space; Chapter I Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation; Subchapter J Navigational Facilities; Part 170 Establishment and Discontinuance Criteria for Air Traffic Control Services and Navigational Facilities; Subpart A General], Aircraft Operations means “the airborne movement of aircraft in controlled or noncontrolled airport terminal areas, and counts at en route fixes or other points where counts can be made. There are two types of operations: local and itinerant.

(1) Local operations mean operations performed by aircraft which:

(i) Operate in the local traffic pattern or within sight of the airport;

(ii) Are known to be departing for, or arriving from flight in local practice areas located within a 20-mile radius of the airport; or

(iii) Execute simulated instrument approaches or low passes at the airport.

(2) Itinerant operations mean all aircraft operations other than local operations.