Airman's Certificate Law and Legal Definition

Airman’s Certificate is a certificate issued to persons qualifying for it by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airmen Certification Branch. It is issued to an individual when the Administrator of FAA finds, after investigation, that the individual is qualified for, and physically able to perform the duties related to, the position to be authorized by the certificate.

An airman certificate must:

be numbered and recorded by the Administrator of the FAA;

contain the name, address, and description of the individual to whom the certificate is issued;

contain terms the Administrator decides are necessary to ensure safety in air commerce, including terms on the duration of the certificate, periodic or special examinations;

contain tests of physical fitness;

specify the capacity in which the holder of the certificate may serve as an airman with respect to an aircraft; and

designate the class the certificate covers. [49 USCS § 44703]