Ambulance Chasing Law and Legal Definition

Ambulance chasing is a term associated with lawyers. It refers to an attorney’s practice of soliciting business from accident victims or their families at the scene of an accident or disaster. Trial lawyers who specialize in representing accident victims are often described as ambulance chasers. Ambulance chasing may involve the chasing of an ambulance from an accident scene to the hospital in order to contact the victim/victim’s family members for consent to represent him or her in a lawsuit.

In the U.S., such conduct violates Rule 7.3 of the American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct. Some state bars strongly enforce rules against ambulance chasing. Ambulance chasing is severely condemned, and said to be a ground for disbarment. However, the employment by an attorney of an investigator in personal injury cases is not unethical, and it cannot be inferred from such employment alone that the attorney is engaged in ambulance chasing. [In re Mitgang, 385 Ill. 311]. The employment of investigators after an attorney has been retained is not unethical and does not give an inference that the attorney involved is engaged in "ambulance chasing." [In re Ratner, 194 Kan. 362 (Kan. 1965)].