Amiable Compositor Law and Legal Definition

An amiable compositor under international law refers to an unbiased third party, often a king or an emperor who suggests solution to a dispute between countries. Amiable compositor acts as a mediator in a dispute between subjects of international law. Amiable compositor is also known as amiable compositeur.

The concept of amiable compositor has its historical origins in French law. An amiable compositor acts as a conciliator rather than a decision-maker in a dispute. An amiable compositor is also not bound to apply strict rules of civil procedure and substantive law. An amiable compositor is also authorized to modify the effect of certain non-mandatory legal provisions. Traditionally, amiable compositor provided equity correction to strict rules of law. But today, an amiable compositor has the power to depart from the strict application of rules of law and decide a dispute according to justice and fairness.