AMRAP Activities Law and Legal Definition

According to 36 CFR 9.82 [Title 36 Parks, Forests, and Public Property Chapter I National Park Service, Department of the Interior], AMRAP Activities means "any project, method, technique or other activity incidental to mineral resource assessments conducted by authorized AMRAP agencies or their contractors in units of the National Park System in Alaska pursuant to section 1010 of ANILCA under an approved permit. AMRAP activities include access into, across, through, or over a unit of the National Park System for the conduct of those activities. Only mineral resource assessment methods or techniques that do not result in lasting impacts on park resources and values may be permitted as AMRAP activities. Mineral resource assessment techniques may include aerial photography; remote sensing; hand-sampling of geologic materials; hand-sampling or hand-augering methods for geochemical analyses; and geophysical techniques such as magnetic, electrical, electromagnetic, chemical, radioactive, and gravitational methods."