Ancillary Services (Health Care) Law and Legal Definition

Ancillary services refer to the health care services provided exclusive of room and board. Supplies and laboratory tests provided under home care, audiology, durable medical equipment (DME), ambulatory surgical centers (ASC), home infusion, hospice care, skilled nursing facility (SNF), cardiac testing, mobile lithotripsy, fitness center, radiology, pulmonary testing, sleep centers, and kidney dialysis are examples of ancillary services. Without ancillary services doctors, dentists and nurses will not be able to function effectively.

Ancillary services can be classified into three categories such as diagnostic, therapeutic and custodial. If a physician sends a patient for a blood test, then s/he is using a diagnostic ancillary service. Service received from a physical therapist for proper exercise routines after repairing leg bone is called therapeutic ancillary service. Service taken from nursing home is called custodial care ancillary service.