Anti-Suit Injunction Law and Legal Definition

Anti-suit injunction refers to an extraordinary procedure where a court issues an order to the effect that proceedings in a second jurisdiction should not precede. Anti-suit injunction is necessary to prevent an irreparable miscarriage of justice. Generally, anti-suit injunction is granted under the following circumstances:

1.When principle of forum non conveniens (forum not agreeing) is applied;

2.When the first court is more convenient to the parties;

3.When a motion of forum non conveniens has been made in the second jurisdiction and has subsequently failed;

4.When a complainant is not unduly disadvantaged by proceeding in the first jurisdiction.

In Forum Ins. Co. v. Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., 929 S.W.2d 114 (Tex. App. Beaumont 1996), it was held that an anti-suit injunction is appropriate in four instances: address a threat to the court's jurisdiction; prevent the evasion of important public policy; prevent a multiplicity of suits; or protect a party from vexatious or harassing litigation.