Archival Processing Law and Legal Definition

According to 36 CFR 1275.16 (Title 36, Parks, Forests, and Public Property: chapter XII, National Archives and Records Administration; Subchapter F, Nixon Presidential Materials; Part 1275; Preservation and Protection of and Access to the Presidential Historical Materials of the Nixon Administration; Subpart A; General Provisions), the term "archival processing" may include “the following general acts performed by archivists with respect to the Presidential historical materials: Shelving boxes of documents in chronological, alphabetical, numerical or other sequence; surveying and developing a location register and cross-index of the boxes; arranging materials; re-foldering and re-boxing the documents and affixing labels; producing finding aids such as folder title lists, scope and content notes, biographical data, and series descriptions; rewinding, duplicating and preserving the original tape recordings; enhancing the tape recordings on which the conversations are wholly or partially unintelligible so that extraneous noises may be filtered out; producing general subject matter logs of the tape recordings; reproducing and transcribing tape recordings; reviewing the materials to identify items that appear subject to restriction; identifying items in poor physical condition and assuring their preservation; identifying materials requiring further processing; and preparation for public access of all materials which are not subject to restriction.”