Area Standards Picketing Law and Legal Definition

Area standards’ picketing is a form of picketing practice that a union undertakes to protect its members in a particular region. Area standards picketing method is resorted to encourage an employer to observe the standards or rules laid in that industry. This kind of picketing has formed legal restrictions because it forces an employer to recognize a union or to impress employees’ noneconomic benefits. Area standards’ picketing is conducted by a union to publicize the fact that an employer is nonunion. It also publicizes an employer's failure to pay wages and benefits comparable to those established in a geographic area by a union through collective bargaining. Area standards’ picketing is lawful as long as it is targeted at a primary employer with whom a union has a dispute, provided it is not a pretext for organizational or boycott picketing.[BARSS v. TOSCHES, 1985 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 20827 (D. Mass. Apr. 11, 1985)]