Articles of Impeachment Law and Legal Definition

Articles of Impeachment is a formal document filed to impeach a public official. The articles of impeachment state the charges against the official and the reasons why the official should be removed from office. Articles of impeachment must be brought by the appropriate legislative body, such as a senate, state legislature, or city council. In the U.S the articles of impeachment against President, Vice President and Federal Judges, are prepared and voted upon by the House of Representatives. The Senate holds the trial if the House of Representatives votes to charge the official with a crime.

The article of impeachment performs the same purpose as an indictment in a common criminal case. However these articles usually do not follow the strict form and accuracy of an indictment. Answer to articles of impeachment is also exempted from observing great strictness of form. It may contain arguments as well as facts. Usual procedure is to give a full and particular answer to each article of the accusation.