Artist-Agent Agreement Law and Legal Definition

An Artist-Agent Agreement is a contract between an Artist and an Agent who will represent their business interests. The more the agent believes in an artist’s work, the better it will work. The agent often plays the role of the business person so that the artist need not worry about marketing his/her creative work. Any Artist, who does not look after his/her career in a business-like manner, will eventually run into a great deal of difficulty and more often than not, fail as a professional artist. No matter how good and commercial an artist’s work is, if it does not reach the right people with the appropriate product lines, it will simply wither unnoticed in the artist’s studio. The most important thing an agent can do for an artist, at the outset of the relationship, is to help the artist develop their art in a manner which makes it attractive to manufacturers and then once the line is ready to show, to exhibit it at the various trade shows and equally if not more importantly, make private presentation and pitches to the right people/companies.