As of Law and Legal Definition

The idiom ‘as of’ means from, on or at a specified time. It is the date on which an agreement, condition, order, or statue becomes effective or operative. It can also be the date to which the given data or piece of information applies. Generally, ‘as of’ is used to provide the most current information available. It can be used with future dates when events are anticipated but not definite. For example, the information will be available on line as of 5’O clock.

The following is an example of a case law defining ‘as of’ :

Contract does not provide that the vacation rights shall accrue 'on' July 1, but 'as of' July. 'As of' means 'as if it were'. [United States v. Munro-Van Helms Co., 243 F.2d 10, 13 (5th Cir.-OLD 1957)]