Assisted Transportation Law and Legal Definition

Assisted transportation refer to provision of transportation services for persons who are transportation-disadvantaged. Pursuant to 69 FR 9185 “ persons who are transportation-disadvantaged” are the persons who qualify for federally conducted or federally assisted transportation-related programs or services due to disability, income, or advanced age. A broad range of Federal program funding allows for the purchase or provision of transportation services and resources for persons who are transportation-disadvantaged.

Assisted transportation also refers to a program transporting older persons to and from community facilities and resources for purposes of acquiring services. The program aims participation of older persons in activities or attending events in order to reduce isolation and promote successful independent living. Public transportation systems are used to provide service of assisted transportation.

Assisted transportation aims at:

1. providing travel arrangements;

2. providing special modes of transportation to the needed; and

3. providing coordination of assisted transportation with other related transportation in the community.