Attendance Factor [Food And Nutrition Service] Law and Legal Definition

According to 7 CFR 210.2 [Title 7—Agriculture; Subtitle B -- Regulations of the Department of Agriculture; Chapter II -- Food and Nutrition Service, Department of Agriculture; Subchapter A -- Child Nutrition Programs - Part 210 -- National School Lunch Program; Subpart A – General], attendance factor means “a percentage developed no less than once each school year which accounts for the difference between enrollment and attendance. The attendance factor may be developed by the school food authority, subject to State agency approval, or may be developed by the State agency. In the absence of a local or State attendance factor, the school food authority shall use an attendance factor developed by FNS (Food And Nutrition Service). When taking the attendance factor into consideration, school food authorities shall assume that all children eligible for free and reduced price lunches attend school at the same rate as the general school population.”