Audition Law and Legal Definition

Audition is a performance done by a person displaying his/ her talents when seeking a role in an upcoming production of a play, film or television project. Performance for getting a role is usually done before a casting director, director or producers.

The following is an example of a state statute (California) defining the term audition:

According to Cal Lab Code § 170, Audition means “any activity for the purpose of obtaining employment, compensated or not, as an artist whereby an artist meets with, interviews or performs before, or displays his or her talent before, any person, including a producer, a director, or a casting director, or an associate, representative, or designee of a producer, director, or casting director, who has, or is represented to have, input into the decision to select an artist for an employment opportunity. An "audition" may be in-person or through electronic means, live or recorded, and may include a performance or other display of the artist's promotional materials”.