Automobile Transmission Class Law and Legal Definition

According 40 CFR 600.002-85 [Title 40 Protection Of Environment; Chapter I Environmental Protection Agency; Subchapter Q Energy Policy; Part 600 Fuel Economy of Motor Vehicles; Subpart A Fuel Economy Regulations for 1977 and Later Model Year Automobiles General Provisions], Automobile Transmission Class means "a group of transmissions having the following common features: Basic transmission type (manual, automatic, or semi-automatic); number of forward gears used in fuel economy testing (e.g., manual four-speed, three-speed automatic, two-speed semi-automatic); drive system (e.g., front wheel drive, rear wheel drive; four wheel drive), type of overdrive, if applicable (e.g., final gear ratio less than 1.00, separate overdrive unit); torque converter type, if applicable (e.g., non-lockup, lockup, variable ratio); and other transmission characteristics that may be determined to be significant by the Administrator."