Banks Accounts Dishonored Law and Legal Definition

Bank accounts are subject to a myriad of state and federal laws. Depending on the banking institution, accounts may offer a variety of options, such as free checks, interest payments, overdraft protection, ands more. Therefore, it is advisable to compare features of accounts at different banks and inquire about all fees associated with the account. Banks offer a varying degree of business start up accounts: some have no charges for two years, Internet banking, an instant cash card, 24 hour availability etc.

If you are computer literate and you feel confident enough to use and understand on-line banking it has to be a solid choice: but do look at a few points:

  • Find out if there is a set up fee,
  • a minimum monthly fee,
  • the charge for paying in cheques and withdrawals: these costs ‘should’ be less than a ‘standard’ bank account as the transactions cost less electronically than manual procedures,
  • what support is available, and what is the cost, if any,
  • what is the banks response time to e-mails
  • on-line banking-is about ‘24/7’: twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.