Basic Life Support Law and Legal Definition

According to 42 CFR 414.605 [Title 42. Public Health; Chapter IV Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services, Department Of Health And Human Services; Subchapter B Medicare Program; Part 414 Payment For Part B Medical And Other Health Services; Subpart H Fee Schedule For Ambulance Services], ‘basic life support (BLS)’ means “transportation by ground ambulance vehicle and medically necessary supplies and services, plus the provision of BLS ambulance services. The ambulance must be staffed by an individual who is qualified in accordance with State and local laws as an emergency medical technician-basic (EMT-Basic). These laws may vary from State to State. For example, only in some States is an EMT-Basic permitted to operate limited equipment on board the vehicle, assist more qualified personnel in performing assessments and interventions, and establish a peripheral intravenous (IV) line.”