Bicycle Law and Legal Definition

A bicycle is a human-powered vehicle with two wheels in tandem design to transport by the act of pedaling one or more persons seated on one or more saddle seats on its frame. "Bicycle" includes, but is not limited to, a human-powered vehicle designed to transport by the act of pedaling which has more than two wheels when the vehicle is used on a public roadway, public bicycle path, or other public road or right-of-way, but does not include a tricycle.

State laws, which vary by state, regulate the operation of bicycles on roadways to reduce the incidence of disability and death resulting from injuries incurred in bicycling accidents. Laws often require that, while riding on a bicycle on public roadways, public bicycle paths, or other public rights-of-way, all operators and passengers who are under a certain age wear approved protective bicycle helmets, and that all bicycle passengers who weigh less a certain weight or height be seated in separate restraining seats.