Bingo Equipment Law and Legal Definition

Bingo equipment means any equipment or machinery designed or used for the purpose of playing bingo. It may not include electronic equipment or small components of a bingo equipment.

Following is an example of a state statute (Texas) defining the term Bingo equipment :

According to Tex. Occ. Code � 2001.002 (5), "Bingo equipment" means equipment used, made, or sold for the purpose of use in bingo.

The term:

(A) includes:

(i) a machine or other device from which balls or other items are withdrawn to determine the letters and numbers or other symbols to be called;

(ii) an electronic or mechanical card minding device;

(iii) a pull-tab dispenser;

(iv) a bingo card;

(v) a bingo ball; and

(vi) any other device commonly used in the direct operation of a bingo game; and

(B) does not include:

(i) a bingo game set commonly manufactured and sold as a child's game for a retail price of $ 20 or less unless the set or a part of the set is used in bingo subject to regulation under this chapter; or

(ii) a commonly available component part of bingo equipment such as a light bulb or fuse.