Black Bass Conservation and Management Law and Legal Definition

Black bass refers to fresh water fish. Black bass conservation and management facilitates in the preservation and enhancement of black bass resources. It also provides management of black bass populations to provide satisfactory recreational opportunities to the public.

The following is an example of a state statue (California) that lists down the activities of black bass conservation and management:

Cal Fish & G Code § 1743 states that black bass management program shall include the following components:

1. The department shall determine the angler harvest of black bass populations and shall recommend to the commission the changes in angling regulations for black bass that would be necessary to prevent or correct over harvest.

2.The department shall consider recommending to the commission catch and release regulations for black bass, including minimum or maximum size restrictions and management for trophy-sized black bass in some waters.

3.The department shall consider the suitability of the many different species, subspecies, and strains of black bass when management programs are formulated.

4. The department shall improve shoreline habitat for black bass in waters where insufficient habitat exists and shall encourage reservoir operating agencies to carry out shoreline habitat improvement projects.