Bonae Fidei Possessor Law and Legal Definition

Bonae fidei possessor is a Latin term which means a good-faith possessor of another’s property. Bonae fidei possessor becomes the rightful owner of the property, if the owner fails to recover the property within a specified time. However, a bonae fidei possessor will not become the rightful owner of the property in case of failure by the owner of the property to recover, if the property has been stolen or taken away by force. "Bonae fidei possessor" of land is one "who not only supposes himself to be [*81] the true proprietor of land, but who is ignorant that his title is contested by some other person claiming a better right to it;" and that, after such occupant has notice of such claim, he becomes "a malae fidei possessor."[ Canal Bank v. Hudson, 111 U.S. 66, 81 (U.S. 1884)].