Brief, Casual, and Innocent Absence [Immigration] Law and Legal Definition

According to 8 CFR 244.1 [Title 8. Aliens And Nationality; Chapter I. Department Of Homeland Security (Immigration And Naturalization); Subchapter B Immigration Regulations, Part 244 Temporary Protected Status For Nationals Of Designated States], the term ‘brief, casual, and innocent absence’ means “a departure from the United States that satisfies the following criteria:

(1) Each such absence was of short duration and reasonably calculated to accomplish the purpose(s) for the absence;

(2) The absence was not the result of an order of deportation, an order of voluntary departure, or an administrative grant of voluntary departure without the institution of deportation proceedings; and

(3) The purposes for the absence from the United States or actions while outside of the United States were not contrary to law.”