Broadband Data Improvement Law and Legal Definition

Broadband data improvement is codified under the federal statute Broadband Data Improvement Act. Broadband data improvement refers to deployment and adoption of broadband technology that has resulted in enhanced economic development and public safety for communities across the nation, improved health care and educational opportunities, and a better quality of life for all Americans.

Broadband data improvement facilitates in enhancing the U.S. broadband technology as it is vital to ensuring that the U.S. remains competitive and continues to create business and job growth. The Federal Government recognizes and encourages complementary State efforts to improve the quality and usefulness of broadband data and also encourages and supports the partnership of the public and private sectors in the continued growth of broadband services and information technology for the residents and businesses of the nation.

Pursuant to 47 USCS § 1305, the purposes of the Broadband data improvement program are to:

1. provide access to broadband service to consumers residing in unserved areas of the U.S.;

2. provide improved access to broadband service to consumers residing in underserved areas of the U.S.;

3. provide broadband education, awareness, training, access, equipment, and support to schools, libraries and other institutions.