Brokering Activities [Foreign Relations] Law and Legal Definition

Pursuant to (b) 22 CFR 129.2 [Title 22 Foreign Relations; Chapter I Department of State; Subchapter M International Traffic in Arms Regulations; Part 129 Registration and Licensing of Brokers], Brokering activities means acting as a broker as defined in § 129.2(a), and includes the financing, transportation, freight forwarding, or taking of any other action that facilitates the manufacture, export, or import or a defense article or defense service, irrespective of its origin. For example, this includes, but is not limited to, activities by U.S. persons who are located inside or outside of the United States or foreign persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction involving defense articles or defense services of U.S. or foreign origin which are located inside or outside of the United States. But, this does not include activities by U.S. persons that are limited exclusively to U.S. domestic sales or transfers (e.g., not for export or re-transfer in the United States or to a foreign person). For the purposes of this subchapter, engaging in the business of brokering activities requires only one action as described above.