Bulk Sales Law and Legal Definition

A bulk sale is a sale of goods by a business which engages in selling items out of inventory (as opposed to manufacturing or service industries), often in liquidating or selling a business, and is governed by the bulk sales law. Article 6 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which has been adopted at least in part all states, governs bulk sales. There are also local and federal laws covering bulk sales. Bulk sales laws are common tax collection tools of state and local government. The ordinance requiring notice of bulk sales gives the city, town, etc. an opportunity to collect past due taxes and other business debts with the purchase price "before the seller leaves town". Some companies in need of cash on hand may conduct a bulk sale of accounts receivable as a method of off-balance sheet financing to turn accounts receivable into cash. It is a one-time or periodic outright sale of all or a portion of the company’s accounts receivable.