Bureau of Administration [Department of State] Law and Legal Definition

The Bureau of Administration is the executive office of the U.S. Department of State that provides support programs to the Department and the U.S. embassies and consulates.

The programs of the Bureau include:

a. real property and facilities management;

b. procurement;

c. supply and transportation;

d. diplomatic pouch and mail services;

e. official records, publishing, and library services;

f. language services;

g. setting allowance rates for U.S. Government personnel assigned abroad and providing support to the overseas schools educating their dependents;

h. overseeing safety and occupational health matters;

i. small and disadvantaged business utilization; and

j. support for both White House travel abroad and special conferences called by the President or Secretary of State.

The Bureau also provides direct services to the public and other government agencies.

They are:

a. authenticating documents used abroad for legal and business purposes;

b. responding to requests under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts and providing the Electronic Reading Room for public reference to State Department records and information access programs;

c. printing official publications;

d. language support to the U.S. Government; and

e. determining use of the Diplomatic Reception Rooms of the Harry S Truman headquarters building in Washington, DC.