Bureau of Forestry Law and Legal Definition

The Bureau of Forestry is the U.S. public agency for forest management that ensures the long term health, viability and productivity of the commonwealth’s forest and conserves native wild plants.

The mission of the Bureau of Forestry is to:

a. to protect all forest land in this Commonwealth from forest fires, fungi, insects and other enemies ;

b. promote and develop forestry and knowledge of forestry throughout this Commonwealth ;

c. advise and assist landowners in the planting of forest and shade trees, to obtain and publish information respecting forest lands and forestry in country;

d. assist and advance any other activity in local forestry, that is considered helpful to the public interest ;

e. execute the rules and regulations of the department for the protection of forests from fire and depredation; and

f. cooperate with the authorities of townships, boroughs and cities in the acquisition and administration of municipal forests.