California Debris Commission Law and Legal Definition

A California Debris Commission (“Commission”) is a commission created by Congress to mitigate the damage caused to the environment. It is established pursuant to 33 USCS § 661. The Commission organizes within thirty days after its appointment by the selection of such officers as may be required in the performance of its duties. The jurisdiction of the Commission, affects mining carried on by the hydraulic process. It also extends to all such mining in the territory drained by the Sacramento and San Joaquin river systems in the state of California.

The Commission is required to exchange for other lands or interests therein which may be required for recreation or for existing or proposed projects of the U.S. For the purpose of securing harmony of action and economy in expenditures in the work to be done by the U.S. and the state of California, the Commission provides protection of the navigable streams. It also prevents the depositing of mining debris. The Commission also provides for protection of its lands, or relating to the working of hydraulic mines.